It’s July and hot weather has officially set in. If you’ve not changed your hairstyle in a while, but are keen to get with what’s popular, yet want something “wash-n-wear,” yet with romantic potential, here are some tips for making sure you look hot while the rest of you stays nice and cool.

  • Braids. Braids are the one thing that’s truly a hit on the runway this summer, and it’s not just about the dual plaits you wore as a child or the single braid down the back. Nor is it just about the classy French braid anymore. Yes, these styles are all classics, and will lend your overall look a mix of innocence and romance, but mixing it up and playing around with braids is what this summer’s trend is about.

For instance, don’t just have a plain braid down the back. Take a section of hair, braid it, then weave it like a “ribbon” into a larger plait over the front of your shoulder. A second example might be going for a “Boho” look: leaving the rest of your hair down, make one braid down the side (doesn’t matter which side), and weave an actual satin ribbon into the strands.

  • Bobs. Bobbed haircuts are another classic way to keep the hair off your neck (and thus keep your body cooled down) while still retaining class and polish. Plus if your bob is just long enough, you can always pull it up into a French twist with a few wispy strands on the sides for an uber-romantic look during a dinner date.
  • Purposefully Shaggy. This style will make you think of Cindy Crawford in the mid-90s, but that kind of “shag-a-delic” look is great for those hot beach days when looking a bit unkempt can work in your favour. Try a very liberal spritzing of beach spray all over and then scrunch for a perfectly messy, beachy ‘do that you can rock whether you’ve got plans for swimming or not. If you like, put your shaggy hair up in a loose chignon with strands on the side if you want to add some immediate swept-up messy sweetness for those long after-dinner walks on the beach with your honey.

These are just three of the summer trends that will not only help you cool off, but will put you in competition with the warm weather for being so sizzling.

Trending Summer Hairstyles
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