We may already be into 2017 by a few days, but the year still stretches out, unwritten, undefined. If 2016 left your self-confidence in the dust, define 2017 differently with a new hairstyle, whether it’s a variation of what you have now, or something completely out of your comfort zone, and boost your self-esteem at the same time.

Just as with clothes, hairstyle fashions come and go. Old styles are made new with a twist of imagination and trends that really need to get gone often stay gone, as no one wants to revisit them. Read on for 2017’s trends that will spark inspiration for making this your year via a new ‘do.

Vintage Chic

Vintage styles are making a comeback, and for good reason: they looked fabulous on the original people who wore them, and they’ll no doubt look fabulous on you. If you’re enamoured of the French twist, and you have long-ish hair, this year’s retro take on the classic style is even more romantic-looking than the usual twisted up-do, thanks to the extra back-combing it takes to create the volume needed. Hint: try hair jewels to really make this style sparkle.

For those who prefer the freewheeling, jazzy flapper look, it’s updated this year, giving the classic flapper bob some wavy definition with pin curls. If you have longer hair, and don’t want to cut it, try the long rockabilly look that’s got that 1950’s ‘bad-girl’ vibe all over it. For a touch of elegance, try sweeping the rockabilly into a beehive.

Going ‘Pro’

While vintage chic is great for showing off your moves on the dance floor, you still have to go to work after the party is over. If you’re starting a new job this year, or aim to, there are just certain styles that never go out of fashion. They just about always get updated, and 2017 is no different.

If your new position is somewhat fast-paced, but you’re still required to wear a skirt-suit and heels, try a smooth long bob that just about comes to your shoulders. It’s a look that, with a little extra attention with a curling iron, or those bendable curling rods, can go from office to date night with not a lot of extra effort.

Don’t want to cut your hair, but would rather colour it instead? Depending on your skin tone, try a handsome auburn shade that’s appropriate for work, add some loose curls and a trendy middle part and you will be the picture of confidence.

To really turn heads in the office, especially if you’ve received a promotion to middle-management, try a wavy pixie with a hit of volume on top, instead of a severe bun, to let others know who’s the boss.

Boho Chic

Are you less office-oriented and more artsy? Is your idea of ‘vintage’ a more Bohemian look than beehive? These are the styles for you.

Try a loose, ‘organic’ braid without an elastic to tie everything together. It works best with hair that’s of medium thickness. That way, the braid stays together better. Women with fine hair might not be quite as successful.

Or, try a long, curled, side-part style that features prominent waves that straighten towards the ends. Try a scrunchy to put your hair up loosely and out of the way, with curls down the sides. It’s both practical and romantic at the same time.

For a truly romantic twist that keeps your hair down  but still out of your face, try small French braids, one on either side, and held together down the back with a string of leather or an elastic.

These ideas are just the beginning, but let them serve as ways to start looking for the hairstyle or hair colour that will help you start your year with high self esteem.



Start The New Year With a New Hairstyle

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