So, you have your new hairstyle or hair colour for the year, but now it’s time to do your nails. Where do you go? Who do you see? What’s the best way to get the best nail job for your money?

All these questions can be answered with one specific maxim: go to a salon that has a professional service, and keeps everything clean.

The Dangers of Settling for Less

Believe it or not, nail salons, when not properly cleaned, can be infections waiting to happen. There’s more to going to a salon and picking out a new nail colour. Talk to your new potential technician. Ask them to be up front with you about salon protocols. Lack of good communication is often why infections happen in the first place, let alone the lawsuits that follow.

Don’t be afraid to ask about the salon’s cleaning procedures, whether they use single-use files or not, how they sanitise their equipment, etc. If they use either liquid disinfection or an autoclave, both are acceptable, so if you hear those ‘magic words,’ as it were, then your salon is a safe bet. If not, then it’s time to move on and keep looking. Try looking at online reviews, as they’ll give you an idea of what’s really going on.

Additionally, the salon tech needs to be wearing gloves, which lessens the spread of infection. Many times, salon technicians don’t wear them, and that can be problematic. Thirdly, do a check, however surreptitiously, to see if they clean up after every client. Leftover clippings are not only unsanitary, seeing them can be a turnoff.

Not Just About Infections

Salon dangers aren’t just about infections, they can be about harsh chemicals, too. If you’re particularly sensitive, it’s okay to ask what kind of chemicals they’re going to use on you. All chemicals should be clearly labelled, so everyone knows what’s in them.

If the salon you go to for both a manicure and pedicure uses nail polishes, polish removers and other chemicals with heavy fumes that can be problematic for both customer and technician alike, ask about their ventilation systems, or the possibility of receiving nail polish jobs that don’t include toxic-smelling tints. More and more, salons are going ‘green,’ decreasing the amount of toxins in their environment overall.

While you might be shy about speaking up, inquiring after your salon of choice, or potential salon, about having a clean environment is to your benefit, as well as everyone else’s. A clean salon is a healthy salon, and a healthy salon means healthy technicians and healthy customers. And that is worth every extra penny you might spend on nail care.

Look After Your Nails With a Professional Service

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