While going to the salon for a professional job is fun, relaxing, we can’t spend our entire lives there. We still have to look after our hair at home.

These tips comprise some of the tried-and-true knowledge passed from stylist to us over many visits, but we’re human—we can’t resist the persistent thought that we need to constantly wash our hair or constantly dry our hair with the heat always on the highest setting. So these golden rules always bear repeating.

  • Wash Your Hair Three Times a Week, Maximum. While it’s been touted that oily hair looks “grungy” and we complain about “bad hair days,” putting our hair in ponytails and grabbing the nearest baseball-style cap to cover the sin of unwashed locks, the truth is this: washing our hair every day is bad for your hair. This is especially true if you use shampoo with the usual harsh ingredients known as sulfates.

Even so, a three-times-a-week hairwashing routine is about all you really need to keep your hair healthy. The more you wash your hair, the more your scalp produces oil, creating a vicious cycle. This said, the type of hair you have may dictate how often you wash. The straighter the hair, you really can’t go more than two days without washing. But the curlier the hair, the longer you can go.


  • Brush Your Hair From the Bottom Up. You know not to brush your hair while it’s wet, and to comb wet hair from the bottom up. But did you know that making sure you brush your hair from the bottom up helps keep your hair healthy as well? Most people think “I have to brush my hair from the root downward.” Believe it or not, this is false thinking. Brushing your hair from the root actually damages your hair. Go from the bottom and work up.


  • Cut Back On the Heat Styling. Between the hottest setting on your dryer and curling and straightening irons, many of us have a tendency to go overboard with the heat, causing serious damage to our hair. Take a break from the blow-dryer, or if you feel you must use the dryer, go for the lowest heat setting possible, and point your dryer’s nozzle down, not from sideways on. If you want waviness without heat styling, try out Oribe’s Dry Texturising Spray. Spray it on damp hair before bed, then wake up with waves.

These are just three of the top hair care tips to help you look after your hair at home in between visits to the hairdresser, and if you colour your hair, your stylist can give you specific home care tips for looking after your locks.



Home Care: Tips to Look After Your Hair
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